OFFSHOOT 2014 Schedule

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Thursday October 2

6:00 Seedling honors Dr. Larry Foley, University of Arkansas Journalism Dept. Chair

7:30- 7:40 Animation

Moon-Lite (7m)

Une Balade a la Mer (3m)

8:00-10 Showcase feature: VALLEY INN (120m)

Friday October 3

5:30-6:30 Shorts

Lovesick (7m)

All Dogs Must Have People (9m)

Shadow (14m)

The Other Man (3m)

A Man Without Words (22m)

6:45-8:15 Feature: Sympathy Pains (82m)

8:30-10 Feature: Gone Doggy Gone (89m)

Saturday October 4

Industry workshops


‘The Music of Film Making : How to make your film sing’, presented by Dan Robinson of

Fiery Moon Films


“ Micro-Budget Filmmaking in Arkansas or Making a Million Dollar Movie at a Fraction of

the Price’, presented by Ryan and Jennica Schwartzman of Purpose Pictures

11:30-12:30 LUNCH

12:30 Arkansas Connection Shorts Block I

Diamond John (14m)

The Guard Responds( 5m)

Citizen Noir (11m)

Levi: A Day a Lifetime (5m)

Hiccups (7m)

Broken Parts (15m)

Ode to Angeline (4m)

The Shoes of Hayim (12m)

Avarice (8m)

2:00 Arkansas Connection Short Documentaries

Oak Cemetery: A Forgotten Place (19m)

A Mighty Struggle: The War to Keep the Buffalo River Clean (24m)

Buried Treasures, the Unseen Art of Robert Ross (27m)

After the Tsunami (30m)

4:00 Arkansas Connection Shorts Block II

13 Pieces of the Universe (19m)

La Grande Fete (7m)

Siderodia (15m)

Stuck (19m)

The Sowers (16m)

Origin (23m)

6:oo-6:30 Music Video

Evangeline Verbatim (4m)

Life and Perception (15m)

Heard it at Sunset (4m)

December Rain (6m)

6:45-8:15 Feature: Mayfly (90m)

8:30-8:45 Adult Block

Dad in Mum (7m)

State of Play (1m)

Frankie and the Ant (9m)

9:00-10:15 Feature: Man in the Trunk (70m)

Sunday October 5

12:30-1:45 Documentary feature (Arkansas Connection) EUREKA! The Art of Being (68m)

2:00-2:45 Documentary feature (Arkansas Connection) Control Yourself (44m)

Sports Block

3:00-3:40 Shorts

21 Mile Marathon (11m)

Corazon de Leon (6m)

140 Miles (20m)

4:00 Documentary feature: PERSEVERANCE: The Billy Taylor Story (52m) Dr. Taylor in attendance

5:30 Awards

10668582_10152420321289611_1126321808_nList compiled by Tony Taylor of Made in Arkansas

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Gone Doggy Gone
Directed by Kasi Brown & Brandon Walter
Narrative Feature 89 mins

‘Gone Doggy Gone’ is a comedic feature film about a couple who treats their dog like a baby… and then it gets kidnapped.

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Perseverance: The Billy Taylor Story (shown in Sunday Sports Block; Dr Taylor in attendance)
Directed by Daniel Chace & Bob Hercules
Documentary Feature 52 mins

PERSEVERANCE – The Story of Dr. Billy Taylor is a powerful new documentary exploring the life of one of Michigan’s greatest running backs. The film highlights Taylor’s college glories but goes deeper, to explore the setbacks that destroyed his reputation… and set him on a 25-year roller coaster ride to recover it.

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All Dogs Must Have People
Directed by Russell Leigh Sharman
Narrative Short 9 mins

ALL DOGS MUST HAVE PEOPLE is a short film about two women in a dog park and a Bitch-Poo named Todd. Shot in New York City and Fayetteville, Arkansas, the film observes the tentative bond forged by small talk among strangers, and the gradual revelation that it might not be a chance encounter after all. Along the way, it explores what draws us into relationships, and keeps us there, whether they be with dogs or people.

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All Dogs Must Have People Teaser from Russell Leigh Sharman on Vimeo.

Corazón de León
Directed by Savvas Caranicola
Narrative Short 6 mins – UK

Along with his faith and training, a young boy sets off on his journey through Lucha Libre to gear up for his chance at the title against the hulking Giant to become the Heavyweight Champion of the World.

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Corazón de León – Trailer from Barnaby Pictures on Vimeo.

Dad in Mum
Directed by Fabrice Bracq
Narrative Short 7 mins – France

The middle of the night. Moans are heard behind the parents’ door. Two young sisters are asking questions…

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Franky and the Ant
Directed by Billy Hayes
Narrative Short 10 mins

Franky has been betrayed and everyone close to him soon discovers that vengeance is not what he seeks. He wants a lot more than that.

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Franky and The Ant (trailer) from Billy Hayes on Vimeo.

Directed by Dago Schelin
Narrative Short 7 mins – Brazil

Thomas is lying on the street having been hit by a car. His life-story is told by metaphorical images as he searches for love and meaning.

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Lovesick Teaser from Dago Schelin on Vimeo.

The Other Man
Directed by Dharmesh Tailor
Narrative Short 8 mins

Set in the future, a man seeks to find the person who can jeopardize his very own existence.

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140 Miles
Directed by Danny Brown
Documentary Short 20 mins

The grueling demands of Ironman competition were nothing compared to the near fatal training accident when Trent’s bike slammed into an oncoming truck.

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Control Yourself
Directed by Casey Hayward
Documentary Short 44 mins

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A Man Without Words
Directed by Zack Godshall
Documentary Short 22 mins

Ildefonso grew up without any language. Born deaf to hearing parents who never exposed him to signing, he had no shared language and had no idea what language was. Adapted from Susan Schaller’s non-fiction account of introducing Ildefonso to language, the short film A MAN WITHOUT WORDS tells the story of his journey to language by bringing Ildefonso and Susan back to the classroom where they met, where he learned that he and everything has a name, and she learned what it is to be human.

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A Man Without Words trailer from Zack Godshall on Vimeo.


Directed by David Dibble
Animated Short 7 mins

A young boy discovers the magical secret held by an eccentric old man.

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Moon-Lite (Trailer) from David Dibble on Vimeo.

Une Balade a la Mer (A Ride Towards the Sea)
Directed by Damien Stein
Animated Short 4 mins

A ride towards the sea is the odyssey of a small animated character who decides to go out to face the city and the nature to free his goldfish. But the cadence of his own will reserve for him numerous surprises: every person, every element of the city which he will cross could be violent to him.

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The Man in the Trunk
Directed by Marc Hampson
Narrative Feature ?? mins

On an otherwise quiet night there is a startling knock at the door. Andrew Tucker answers the door to find an old friend whom he hasn’t seen in years. The disheveled and absent friend comes to him with one request – “I need you to come with me but, I can’t tell you where we’re going.” Andrew takes a chance but learns that every answer brings more questions. Nothing good ever comes knocking after midnight and Andrew’s nightmare asks how far you would go to help a friend.

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Directed by Billy Chase Goforth
Narrative Feature 90 mins

An alien prince is stranded on earth and pursued by dangerous pirates. His only protection is a genetically engineered emergency bodyguard with a lifespan of 24 hours.

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Sympathy Pains
Directed by Joe Dull
Narrative Feature 90 mins

When Danny and Stephanie find out they’re pregnant (surprise!), Danny can’t stop his own morning sickness…

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Eureka! The Art of Being 
Directed by L. Kai Robert
Documentary Feature 69 mins

The documentary film explores the artistry in all of us through the art community of Eureka Springs, Arkansas -a town of 2000 people with over 300 artists.

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13 Pieces of the Universe
Directed by Tara Sheffer
Narrative Short 20 mins

Within the quiet universe of the Arkansas delta, a sixteen-year-old girl is forced to confront grief and grace while navigating the complex nature of adulthood.

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13 Pieces of the Universe Teaser from Tara E. Sheffer on Vimeo.

Directed by Scott McEntire
Narrative Short 8 mins

Daddy left instructions for Ronald in the diary he willed him, but Daddy gave the map to Merle. The two brothers are faced with a choice to reconcile and both reap gains, or carry on their hatred and estrangement.

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Broken Parts 
Directed by Hunter West
Narrative Short 15 mins

After discovering his wife’s infidelity, a Husband’s life is changed forever when on impulse he shoots the man she is with. He has to decide if he will let that crime define him, and forever lose himself in that lifestyle, or decide if forgiveness and redemption are ever possible and his broken life can be repaired.

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Broken Parts Trailer from FlyDog Productions on Vimeo.

Citizen Noir 
Directed by Michael Ferrara
Narrative Short 12 mins

Mark Crane is a downtrodden private eye who decides to take up a case of a little girl’s missing cat. The further he goes, however, he begins to realize things aren’t as innocent as they appear.

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Citizen Noir (Official Trailer) from Michael Ferrara on Vimeo.

Diamond John
Directed by Travis Mosler
Narrative Short 14 mins

Diamond John is a period comedy about the wildly eccentric character, John Wesley Huddleston and his family. He tries to support his wife and five daughters by digging for gold and precious minerals while raising a few animals on the side. But the ground has consistently turned up dry. When faced with the news that his family’s home is facing imminent foreclosure, John is forced to decide between getting a respectable job, or continuing his passionate prospecting with unlikely hopes of striking it rich. With his wife threatening to take their five daughters and leave, the stakes are high. But who knows? Maybe he’ll discover one of the largest naturally occurring diamond sites in the world…

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Diamond John – Official Trailer Update from Travis Mosler on Vimeo.

Directed by Karson Holbrook
Narrative Short 8 mins

Kyle can’t get to sleep because of his girlfriend’s hiccups. He decides to scare the hiccups out of her, but soon learns that her hiccups are the least threatening thing in the house.

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Hiccups Trailer from Karson Holbrook on Vimeo.

La Grande Fête
Directed by Johnnie Brannon
Narrative Short 8 mins

An operetta about finding love, losing love, then find it again, all in the course of night at la grande fête.

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Levi: A Day-A Lifetime 
Directed by Steve Snediker
Narrative Short 5 mins

This film follows a 3-year-old boy named Levi and his exploits through the adventure of a day in his life. It is an experimental film that uniquely combines three filming techniques to produce a story vignette that connects the audience with the subject both viscerally and emotionally.

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An Ode to Angeline 
Directed by Sarah Jones
Narrative Short 5 mins

Obsession brings out the worst in everyone.

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Directed by Caleb Fanning
Narrative Short 20 mins

Regina is given a chance to extend the life of her dying husband.

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Origin Trailer from South State Productions on Vimeo.

Directed by Michael Kelley
Narrative Short 14 mins

Find it on IMDb A couple go through the ups and downs of life and learn what it means to truly love another.

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The Shoes of Hayim 
Directed by Kenn Woodard
Narrative Short 13 mins

A young man struggles with the news that his father, Levi, has lost his life in combat. Crippled in thought, he pushes the boundaries of time and space when he meets a veteran of war who steps in to soothe his raging wounds.

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Directed by Bruce Hutchinson
Narrative Short 15 mins

Quirky 16 year old Rose struggles to deal with the death of her older sister Dawn as she gets to know Dawn’s boyfriend David.

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The Sowers
Directed by Juli Jackson
Narrative Short 15 mins

An elderly man lives the last weeks of his life in reflection and family heartache, until a stranger gives him reason to hope again.

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Directed by John Hockaday
Narrative Short 19 mins

A door-to-door glue salesman must find a way to keep his family together. However, glue does not work for these kinds of things.

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21 Mile Marathon 
Directed by Tyler Tarver
Documentary Short 12 mins

One man’s goal to run a marathon with very little training and/or ability.

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After the Tsunami
Directed by Larry Foley
Documentary Short 30 mins

After the 2004 catastrophic Indonesian tsunami, Former Presidents Bush and Clinton created a scholarship program for survivors of that disaster. Students were sent to Texas A&M and the University of Arkansas primarily to study. This film recounts the horror these students survived and how through their education in the United States, they’re working to rebuild the human capital in their home villages and cities.

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Buried Treasures, the Unseen Art of Robert Ross 
Directed by Richard Tiffany & Gary Weidner
Documentary Short 27 mins

Buried Treasures starts with a little stone house on a quiet street in Fayetteville Arkansas. The house is the studio of a retired art professor Robert Ross, overflowing with art created over the last 50 years. He is a unique little man with a drive to create who has had a profound effect on the art community of Northwest Arkansas. He is a gentle soul who avoids controversy whenever possible, but his work has raised controversy, and so much of it has remained hidden to all except a few friends until now…

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The Guard Responds
Directed by Sarah Jones
Documentary Short 5 mins

n April 27, 2014 the Arkansas National Guard responded after a devastating tornado ripped through the Central Arkansas communities of Mayflower and Vilonia. The Guard’s mission of providing support to their community took a literal turn when they discovered that many members had been affected by the storm.

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A Mighty Struggle: The War to Keep the Buffalo River Clean
Directed by Teresa A. Turk
Documentary Short 22 mins

The documentary is about a large hog CAFO recently located 6 miles upstream on a major tributary of the Buffalo river in Newton County, Arkansas. The hogs are owned by Cargill, Inc.


Oak Cemetery: A Forgotten Place
Directed by John Cooper & Tiffany King
Documentary Short 19 mins

In towns across the South, African American cemeteries serve as a constant reminder of an era of segregation and struggle. Today, many of those cemeteries are vanishing, and the stories of the forgotten souls buried there are fading with them. Oak Cemetery: A Forgotten Place documents the past of the black cemetery in Fayetteville, Arkansas and highlights the struggles facing the hallowed ground where those who fought for equality rest.

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State of Play
Directed by Jon Maxey
Animated Short 1 min

State of Play is a short piece from a bigger in development project called Nines.

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December Rain
Evangeline Verbatim
Heard it at Sunset
Life and Perception