Offshoot Schedule

Venue is the University of Arkansas Global Campus Building at 2 E. Center St. Fayetteville, AR unless otherwise noted.

Thursday, October 27th

9am-5pm Offshoot Student Education Program (Click for Full Education Schedule) 

5:30pm Wine Reception for Filmmakers & Guests (Matt Miller Studio)

7pm Karaoke Man Rm. 204

8:35pm Couples Retreat – A Series of Shorts Rm. 204 The Matress (3) 4 Pictures (15), Dim Bulbs (7), Seaglass (10), Life in Red String (9), Turning a Page (13), Reflection(9), Reflections (6), Devoted Husband (6), Not a Bad Egg (15), Alone (14),

10pm After Party (You Know Uno’s)


Friday, October 28th

9am-4pm Offshoot Student Education Program (Click for Full Education Schedule) 

4pm Ash Rm. 204

4pm Chickens, Cartoons, and Clowns – Shorts Rm. 107: Toy House (2), Clocked In (9), Pennipotens (18) Hey Dad (1), Ghostwriter (11) Oliver’s Treasure (2) Murgi Keno Mutant (15) Nuts for Pizza (2), Ballad of Sandeep (30)

6:30pm Hollywood to Dollywood Rm. 204 

6:30pm Let’s Talk – Shorts Rm. 107:  My Name is Anna (8), POV (14), Fathers (16), A journey to Homeland (15), Atroz (10), Exodus (15), The Secret Friend (15)

8:30pm Dispatch Rm. 204

8:30pm The Natural State of America Rm. 107

10pm 25K Rm. 204

10pm Friends and Lovers Rm. 107

11:30pm After Party (Legacy Blues)


Saturday, October 29th

8am Molasses, Second to None Rm. 204

8:30am Live Oak, What’s Up, Hotstuff Rm. 107

10am Noble Earth, Seed Swap Rm. 204

10am Telling a Great Story (Workshop) Rm. 107

11:30am Student Shorts Rm. 204:  Workers Leaving the Factory (11), Blank Canvas (4), Brother’s Keeper (15), Hitchhiker (12), Neve and Sons (8), Visions of Dylan Bradley (17), With No One in the World (24)

11:30am A Filmscape (Workshop) Rm. 107

1pm Yogawoman Rm. 204

1pm Arkie Shorts Block 1 Rm. 107: 4320 (6), Covenant (15), Home (10), The Orderly (11), The Conversation (10), Cotton County Boys (30)

3pm Injury Slight, Please Advise, Crowley’s Ridge Rm. 204

3pm Arkie Docs Rm. 107: Theraputic Justice (29), Porter Prize (30), Walk through Fire (19), Silverstone – Quicksand (7), Human Traffic King (8)

5pm Arkie Shorts Block 2 Rm. 204: Ballerina (17) The Jester (10), Pillow (19), Foot Soldier (20), Words (15)

5pmOdd One Out Rm. 107 

7pm Virgin Alexander Rm. 204

7pm Minus One Rm. 107

9pm Seven Souls, Self Destruct, Make Your Paths Straight Rm. 204

9pm The Hard Life – Shorts Rm. 107: Bus to Somewhere (17), Point and Shoot (30), Die Another Diety (8), Payload (18), Carl the Caretaker (30), So Many Hours in the Day (23)

10:30pm Chat, Going to Hell, Skew Rm. 204

11pm After Party (Powerhouse)


Sunday, October 30th

11am Filmmaker’s Brunch Forum

1pm The Gray Seasons Rm. 204

1pm Death by Medicine Rm. 107

2:30pm The Last Days of Extraordinary Lives Rm. 204

3pm Concept to Composite

4:30pm Moment of Truth – The Andy Meyers Story Rm. 204

Succeeding in the Pressure Cooker of Making a Film (Wksp.) Rm. 107

7pm Awards Ceremony

8pm After Party (Matt Miller Studio)